Nandi Mgwaba

“Working with InterAction has been the highlight of my academic career. I have always been passionate about theater for social justice and was humbled by the hard work that goes into InterAction’s mission to create radically inclusive communities for all intersections to thrive in. It was a privilege to be able to work with students at our local campus sites and witness their growth and transformation into empowered community leaders.
Many of these student leaders complain about invisibility and ignorance on their campus, or even struggle to articulate the social issues that prevail on their campus themselves. Through InterAction’s sensitivity, organizational and community-building training, these leaders are able to receive the support they need to identify, understand and therefore dismantle toxic power hierarchies.
InterAction’s theater process not only validates the experiences of marginalized voices but also effectively instigates crucial conversation. In doing so InterAction creates practices of upliftment and healing, as well as implements its sustainable goal of driving social change. As an activist, it has been a delight to work in a culture that is wholeheartedly dedicated to upholding its values”