Udochi Esomonu

I support InterAction because I understand what it means to have your ability to tell your story to be detached and stolen from you. I understand what it feels like to have your story written, dictated, and delivered for you, leaving you with no source of agency and power. InterAction works to reinstate this power of personal storytelling. The organization looks to provide the necessary resources, tools, and opportunities to build the power of storytelling and allows individual storytellers to authentically use their stories in a way that represents them and only them. I believe in InterAction’s mission to resurface the importance of providing a platform for all to tell their stories. 

Udochi Esomonu is a Washington DC-based writer, activist, and student from Union, New Jersey. She is currently a junior studying Political Science and Sociocultural Anthropology at George Washington University. Through her studies, Udochi focuses on building the bridge between politics and anthropology, especially through writing. She loves to learn and write about how major anthropological factors such as cultures, institutions, and structures intersect with social categories such as race, gender, and class and how such an intersection influences the overall political systems and processes of greater societies. A lot of her passions derive from a desire to understand the complexity of human nature, human identity, and an understanding of the greater world in which we live. Her writing focuses on issues ranging from police brutality, the black experience in America, criminal justice reform, voter repression, etc… She hopes to, through her writing, to continue to tell the stories of those who society tends to marginalize.