Nandi Mgwaba

“InterAction puts in the work to not only amplify marginalized voices, but empower its community to be more inclusive and intersectional in its approach to social justice issues. It has been a blessing to witness a community uplift itself through theater from spaces that oppress, ignore and silence its needs and wants. Theater is unique as a tool because it forces confrontation and disrupts power structures, catalyzing crucial conversations. Theater can also be incredibly healing for those who decide to share their narratives, as well as to the people who connect to these experiences.”

Nandi grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa as an Anti-Apartheid ‘born free’. Nandi is passionate about social justice specifically in relation to mental health and sexual violence activism. Nandi has used their experience in performing arts to work on community theater projects such as ND: Show Some Skin and Loyal Daughters & Sons, productions that focus on encouraging conversation and activism around racial, gender and sexual injustices on college campuses. In their earlier life Nandi was an educator at the Global Scholar’s Program teaching youth, entrepreneurial leadership. As a playwright, Nandi spends much of their time trying to humanize narratives of the deliberately alienated.