“We are made of stories. When someone else uses power or violence to take control of our stories, they can sometimes unmake us, or make us into something we aren’t. InterAction empowers all kinds of people, especially young people of color, to excavate their own voices. They offer tools to activate that voice AND to build a platform to affirm them. I believe in InterAction’s mission because I believe in the power of telling your story from your own perspective.”

Lucas Garcia is a Chicago based writer and dramaturge from Albuquerque, NM. They are also Co-Director of Marketing and Communications for the Alliance of Latinx Theatre Artists, a volunteer member service organization dedicated to the advancement of the Latinx Theatre movement in Chicago. Lucas is also a member of El Semillero, ALTA’s Latinx playwriting circle. Lucas has worked as a dramaturg with Sideshow Theatre Company’s Freshness Initiative (Mechanisms of Fidelity), The Yard (columbinus), TimeLine Theatre Company (In the Next Room), Steppenwolf (La Ruta, Pass Over), The Hypocrites (W;t), and Chicago Dramatists (Lorca in New York, Felons and Familias). Lucas also writes as a theatre critic for Rescripted: an artist-led platform for critique, discussion and writing.