“Other programs strive to shape a young person’s personal experience into a form of expressive art. The coolest element of this non-profit is the next step in their process– transforming that art into action. As these stories are compassionately crafted and then shared in a theatrical program, we as an audience all get to see what an inclusive world might look like. As their stories are heard, our own perspectives are broadened and we are activated to be our better selves. In the meantime, the creators of these pieces discover a greater appreciation of their own agency and are inspired to build a better future within their own communities and beyond.”

Catharsis Productions aims to change the world by creating and delivering innovative and interactive educational programs that challenge oppressive attitudes and transform behavior. Our programs use strategies like humor, interactive dialogue, and theater to tackle social justice issues, like sexual violence, sexual orientation and gender identity, and race in a non-conventional way.  Two of our presentations, Say What? (for college audiences) and NSFW (for corporate audiences) bid participants to recognize any unexamined privilege they may possess and how microaggressions unchallenged can further marginalize individuals from minority populations.  Our work is not to shame, but rather inspire positive, inclusive communities.