We bring together a diverse background of experiences and skills to our stellar team. Together we are passionate about building inclusive and equitable communities and have all been impacted by the stories that have challenged and inspired our work.

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Deandra Cadet

Cofounder & Executive Director


Deandra (She/He/Hers) believes stories have the power to transform communities. As a Haitian-American Midwest transplant from Newark, NJ, she’s still understanding the complexities of her own identity and story. Deandra is a diversity educator, social entrepreneur, and active in social justice work within her local South Bend Community.


Taeyin ChoGlueck

Cofounder & Creative Director


Taeyin (She/Her/Hers) is an experienced diversity educator and writer. Taeyin's experiences range from immigrant to second generation, from Korean to Korean-American and Minnesotan/Midwestern identities. She was awarded the inaugural Student Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award by the University of Notre Dame and has worked in London, Minneapolis, and Seoul. InterAction brings together her three life passions - stories, theatre, and social justice.

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Nandi Mgwaba

Diversity Catalyst

Nandi Mgwaba is a South African born activist who is passionate about education, equality, and sexual violence awareness across platforms of race, gender and sexuality. They have worked on several community theater projects such as Show Some Skin and Loyal Daughters and Sons, both of which focus on galvanising social justice action across platforms of race, gender and sexuality. They are excited about the impact of InterAction as a social justice galvanizer of community action.



Jordan Brown

Analyst, D.C. Public Schools

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Lucas Garcia

Multicultural Fellow, Steppenwolf Theater


Maria Gibbs

PhD. Cofounder, INVANTI

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Peter Woo

Analyst, William & Blair Company

Christian Murphy

Cofounder and CEO of Catharsis Productions

Past Board Members

Leana Jonassaint

Dr. Cecilia Lucero

Melissa Paulsen