Don't Burn Out:

Self-Care for Community Activists and Young People of Color

“Don’t Burn Out” is a Self & Community Care Workshop that encourages communities engaged in social justice action to center their emotional and physical well-being for the long term.

Our Don’t Burn Out program is for communities of activists and young people of color.
It’s easy to get swept under the pressures of organizing for social justice. However, we can’t live long in our activism if we aren’t leading sustainable lifestyles as organizations and individuals. It starts with imagining a world where we are prioritizing our well-being in order for us to uproot oppression in our society once and for all. We have to be courageous in identifying and acknowledging what excessive stress is doing to us, and what we can achieve if we can live more balanced lives.

Program Objectives

Evaluate your current habits of well-being and care.

Address the unique ways racism impacts our emotional, physiological, and psychological well being.

Create a culture of care within your community.

Learn how to center your well-being and care.

Bring InterAction to your community!

If you would like to start an InterAction initiative in your community please contact us for more information.