Building an inclusive community won’t be solved by one time events. Therefore, InterAction helps campus communities to develop a continuous process for building inclusion called the Stage for Change (T) Initiative.

Stage for Change involves students, faculty and staff in developing a strategic campaign to use their stories of identity and difference to build sustainable initiative year after year. The initiative aims to build awareness, empathy, and action. Students are trained by experienced InterAction staff in anti-oppression and ally-ship training, community organizing, storytelling, and social justice theater to develop a Stage for Change Initiative on their campus.

Join the growing network of colleges and universities launching a Stage for Change!

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Beyond the Stage are a series of educational workshops, trainings, and presentations that use storytelling as a stepping stone to understand how systems of oppression and privilege impact people’s everyday lives. Although much of our work focuses on creatively applying theater to advance social justice work, we are aware and committed to the work that must be done “beyond the stage”.

Whether it’s a workshop or a presentation all of our programs are crafted to bring people the tools and understanding of how to become a more inclusive community that sees, values, and hears all of its people.

               InterAction provides creative and interactive programs on the following topics:

  • Using Stories to Understand Identity, Privilege, and Intersectionality

  • Inclusive Coalition Building for Social Change & Activism

  • Center Your Story, Claim Your Identity

  • Empowering Student Storytelling

  • Navigating Identity Abroad

  • Channeling Stories Into Cultural and Policy Change


Our work at InterAction has always focused on art as a tool for social action. To bridge the strengths and address the needs of  the growing number of artist leaders in our communities, InterAction is organizing its inaugural Social Justice Theater for Community Action Conference. The Conference is a strategic effort to support local leaders who are using art as a strategy for social change. The conference will offer artist-leaders the opportunity to network and collaborate, spark new ideas, learn from experts, and build impact-oriented skills. Participants will benefit from each other by sharing models for implementing best practices, developing emerging leaders, and creating assessment strategies.

For more information on how to present, attend, or become a sponsor of the Community Theater for Social Justice Action Conference please email Creative Director and Conference Organizier, Taeyin ChoGleuck at


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