Graduates of the University of Notre Dame who established and developed the highly successful program Show Some Skin founded InterAction Initiative Inc. Since 2011, Show Some Skin has helped Notre Dame to realize its true diversity by collecting the anonymously written narratives of students, faculty, and staff on identity and difference, sharing them as a community theater production, and then bringing those stories back into the community as a campus resource to foster dialogue and to promote social change.

For the past 5 years, Show Some Skin's community theater productions have experienced sold out performances with over 900 audience members. Between 60-100 stories are collected & archived each year. Every year we engaged over 1,000 individuals in our program as participants, audience members, volunteers, writers, and actors. Stories collected have gone far beyond the stage as monologues have been used in classrooms, trainings for resident assistants, and in the First Year Moreau seminar taken by all Notre Dame first year students. ND Show Some Skin continues to play a significant role in fostering inclusion on Notre Dame's campus. 

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