InterAction Conference on Community Theater for Social Justice Action Conference Weekend Overview Click here to download a copy of the overview. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Location       Time                    Event

NDCAC    4:30-5:30PM      Registration for Pre-conference Attendees

CRHC       5:30-9:30PM      POC PreConference Workshop

NDCAC    5:30-7:30PM      Remaining Incarceration Exhibit

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Location                          Time                       Event

NDCAC & CRHC      7:30AM-8AM                Set-up

NDCAC & CRHC      8AM-9AM                    Registration

NDCAC & CRHC      9AM-9:30AM              Opening

NDCAC & CRHC      9:45AM-11AM            Breakout Session 1

NDCAC & CRHC     11:15AM-12:30PM       Breakout Session 2

NDCAC                   12:30PM-I:45PM.          Lunch

NDCAC & CRHC     2PM-3:15PM                Breakout Session 3

                                3:15PM-4PM                Break

SJCPL                    4PM-5:30PM                 KEYNOTE ADDRESS     

DOWNTOWN         5:30-6:30PM                 Cocktail hour at Spirited

DOWNTOWN        6:30-8:30PM                  Dinner on your own


CRHC                  6PM-10PM                      Friendship play rehearsal

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Location                          Time                     Event

NDCAC & CRHC       7:30AM-8AM             Set-up

NDCAC                     8AM-9AM                  Registration and Broadcast

NDCAC & CRHC      9AM-10:00AM           Breakout Session 4

NDCAC.                   10:30AM-11:45AM       Activist Panel + Breakout  discussion

NDCAC                    12PM-1PM                 Lunch

CRHC                    1:15PM-2:30PM            Featured Theater and Post Discussion

NDCAC & CRHC     3PM-4:15PM              Breakout Session 5                               

CRHC                      4:30PM-5:00PM         Closing    

CRHC                     6PM-8PM                    Poetry Den