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POC Abroad – Geraldine [Part II]

INTERVIEW WITH GERALDINE [PART II] On Mental Health, Community Care & Self-Care Taeyin: How do you deal with racial stress in this new context? Gerie: I think I pick my battles, which is something I wish I had learned earlier in my life. Being able to walk away from toxic...

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POC Abroad – Geraldine [Part 1]

INTERVIEW WITH GERALDINE On Racial Stress, Community Care & Helen Oyeyemi [Part 1] Taeyin: Hello Geraldine! Welcome to POC Abroad where we’re here to learn more about the experiences of people of color who have been abroad or are abroad. Tell us about yourself. Geraldine: My name is Geraldine Mukumbi....

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“We Are Entitled To Be Free.”

Just a few weeks ago, we experienced our first ever Conference and it was truly a weekend to remember! We are so grateful to the wonderful attendees who dived right in and were open to creating an inclusive and action-oriented space. We are excited to share with you all some...

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Another Haiti

Trump’s remarks last month on immigration policy and limiting the number of immigrants from “sh*thole countries” in favor of immigrants from countries like Norway drew outrage across the nation. My parents were born in Haiti and emigrated to the United States when they were teenagers in the late seventies during...

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Changing Places: Privilege & Identity Abroad

We talk a lot, a lot about privilege within our team. Given our expertise in privilege training in the US context, we are familiar with talking about the connection between race and poverty, police brutality against Black America, homelessness and queerness among young people, and the particular xenophobia against Latinx...

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