Posted on 01/12/18 by interadmin

Changing Places: Privilege & Identity Abroad

We talk a lot, a lot about privilege within our team. Given our expertise in privilege training in the US context, we are familiar with talking about the connection between race and poverty, police brutality against Black America, homelessness and queerness among young people, and the particular xenophobia against Latinx...

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Posted on 12/13/17 by interadmin

When the Stories Become Overwhelming

In the midst of growing public sexual assault allegations and the #metoo stories from women on social media, this sudden deluge of stories can be overwhelming. It's difficult to know what to do with them. Here are some quick tips on what administrators and students can do when they become...

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Posted on 11/8/17 by interadmin

Why Counter-Narrative Theater?

First, why theater? We get this question a lot. Theater brings to mind a space that has limited access. Even in the age of Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda, the audiences are still predominantly white and upper class people. Seven years ago, we started performing in a lecture hall in...

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Posted on 10/17/17 by interadmin

The Threat to Inclusion & And what we should do about it

InterAction envisions a world where all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential in their inclusive campus communities. We hope you share this vision with us. But what threatens inclusion? And how do you prepare students against that threat? First, let's take a step back. The Association of...

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Posted on 09/20/17 by interadmin

Back to School: The Ongoing Battle & Strategizing with Stories

We are back to school after one of the most exhausting and challenging years for those of us in social justice and inclusion work. During some of the darkest moments we asked ourselves, “Is our work even worth it? Is anyone even listening?” As two women of color educators/activists/social entrepreneurs,...

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