Posted on 05/14/19 by Deandra Cadet

Why are you so dark?

Why Are You So Dark? - by Hillary Four months after my stay in France, I found myself in Israel-Palestine for study abroad through my university’s program. As my plane landed on the tarmac, there was this ever lingering feeling of wanting to return back home whilst somehow bypassing the...

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Posted on 01/24/19 by interadmin

New Guest Blogger: Hillary

Welcome to our first Guest Blog. This month's blogger is Hillary! Each month we will feature voices from young people of color on our blog to share their narratives. Many young people have shared with us their stories as they begin to unpack and navigate the ways in which oppression,...

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Posted on 11/26/18 by Deandra Cadet

Protecting Racial Justice Spaces from Turning into White Spaces

The activism context we live in today is much more complicated than it has ever been. More often, we see people who haven’t previously engaged in racial justice feel pulled to address structural racism. Social media has driven this trend, by allowing greater access to activist content. Yet the message...

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Posted on 08/21/18 by interadmin

POC Abroad – Geraldine [Part II]

INTERVIEW WITH GERALDINE [PART II] On Mental Health, Community Care & Self-Care Taeyin: How do you deal with racial stress in this new context? Gerie: I think I pick my battles, which is something I wish I had learned earlier in my life. Being able to walk away from toxic...

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Posted on 08/14/18 by interadmin

POC Abroad – Geraldine [Part 1]

INTERVIEW WITH GERALDINE On Racial Stress, Community Care & Helen Oyeyemi [Part 1] Taeyin: Hello Geraldine! Welcome to POC Abroad where we’re here to learn more about the experiences of people of color who have been abroad or are abroad. Tell us about yourself. Geraldine: My name is Geraldine Mukumbi....

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